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Fractal Design ION - SFX - 650W 80+ Gold - Nätaggregat

Fractal Design ION - SFX - 650W 80+ Gold - Nätaggregat

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The Ion SFX-L Gold is a modular, high-performance power supply unit with emphasis on enhanced cable flexibility and superior output quality.

Keeping it down
You'll rarely hear a sound from the Ion SFX-L Gold, mainly due to a semi-passive mode that only activates the fan when it's really necessary. Even then, the true FDB bearings will make sure it remains very discrete.

  • The semi-passive Zero RPM mode maintains total silence under light loads.
  • The custom-tailored 120 mm fan with FDB bearings ensures discrete operation even under heavy use.

The power of flexibility
Thanks to an ultra-high strand count wire and special insulation, our UltraFlex DC wire bends and twists effortlessly to fit your installation instead of fighting it.

  • Combining an increased strand-count and reduced diameter of just 0.08 mm allows thinner, more flexible cables
  • Specially formulated insulation increases flexibility without impacting efficiency or current capacity
  • Cables flex and flow with ease for near-effortless routing and superior cable management opportunities
  • Cables bend and twist to make for easy connections in tight spaces with less resistance and strain

Japanese capacitors
Premium Japanese 105°C capacitors provide enhanced reliability and durability

Fully protected
Over Power Protection, Over Voltage Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Under Voltage Protection, Over Current Protection and Over Temperature Protection

Mounting options
Includes SFX-to-ATX mounting bracket


650 W
80+ Certifiering
80 PLUS Gold
125 mm


125 x 125 x 65 mm
2,00 kg

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